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The plugin manifest describes your plugin and its permission levels.


"id": "demo_right_sidebar_plugin",
"name": "Demo Right Sidebar Plugin",
"author": "martin",
"repoUrl": "",
"enableOnMobile": false,
"projectUrl": "",
"supportUrl": "",
"changelogUrl": "",
"version": {
"major": 0,
"minor": 1,
"patch": 0
"description": "Adds a right sidebar for editing Rem.",
"requestNative": false,
"requiredScopes": [
"type": "Plugin",
"powerupCode": "book",
"level": "ReadCreateModifyDelete"
"manifestVersion": 1

Fields Explained

idA globally unique ID for your plugin. Only one plugin of each ID can be installed or registered in our marketplace. Please choose a simple, readable ID. Ids may consist only of lowercase Latin letters a-z, A-Z, hyphens, underscores, and digits 0-9.Yes
nameA human-readable name for your plugin to be displayed to the user.Yes
repoUrlLink to your GitHub repository so we can review your code.Yes if your plugin uses JS
enableOnMobileWhether or not to allow this plugin to be loaded on mobile.Yes
projectUrlOptional link to your website / GitHub repository.No
supportUrlOptional link to a support website / GitHub issuesNo
changelogUrlOptional link to the changelogNo
versionAn object describing the version.Yes
descriptionA short description of <200 chars to be displayed in our Marketplace.No
requestNativePlease see Plugin Permissions for information.Yes
requiredScopesPlease see Plugin Permissions for information.Yes
manifestVersionThe version of the manifest itself. Leave this at 1.Yes
unlistedIf true, the plugin will not be listed in the plugin marketplace. See the docs on unlisted pluginsNo