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The following guides assume that you:

  • Have a basic understanding of the JavaScript or TypeScript programming languages.
  • Are somewhat familiar with the React user interface library.
  • Have a working-level understanding of Git.
  • Are familiar with doing basic operations on the command line.


If your React skills are rusty or if you have never touched Git before, no problem! Try going through the recommended resources below first. You can finish them in less than a few hours and they will equip you the fundamental skills and knowledge you need to build RemNote plugins (and more!). After that you can move on to our building a plugin tutorial which walks you through an example project.


If you're already a React pro, you can follow our quick start guide which will get you up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Help and Feedback

There may be times when you aren't sure how to achieve a particular behaviour, in these situations it can be helpful to look through the code of existing plugins on GitHub.

If you get stuck or run into bugs, try asking for help in the extension-developers channel in the RemNote Discord server. We have a friendly community of developers who are more than willing to help newcomers get up to speed with the plugin system.

Is there some additional functionality you need to implement your idea? We are more than happy to extend the API if possible, so please visit our feedback platform to share your ideas.