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Welcome to the RemNote Plugin community! We're working to build the world's most comprehensive tool for thinking and learning, and can't wait to see what you create.


Plugins enable you to fine-tune RemNote for all of your thinking and learning needs. Check out how easy it is to get started 🚀:


  • Secure by Default with restricted plugin scopes at the Rem, Document, and Powerup level.
  • Sandboxed and Native Plugins that run either from an IFrame or the main thread's JS.
  • Widgets for injecting UI almost anywhere into RemNote.
  • Virtual-Embeds for directly using RemNote's core components (editor, queue, etc).
  • Visual Integration with automatic dark-mode, sizing, and more.
  • React-First with pre-built components that let you include parts of RemNote (the editor, rendering a Rem, etc.) in your plugin itself.
  • Extensive API, with hooks for almost everything in RemNote.
  • ... and much more!